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Detective Shea was nominated by Shannon Kruger, Armand R. Dupont and the following is what she wrote about Detective Shea in her nomination to NHPIE:
As a new administrator to the Allenstown the district in 2017-2018, I was tasked with meeting EOP requirements and implementing safety upgrades. I could not have done any of this without the countless volunteer hours that Detective Shea spent at the school, attending meetings, writing plans, and helping to link the school to additional resources and funding. Much of what she did was on her own time and not at all part of her job as a detective for the police department.
Detective Shea helped to write our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP required by NH), conducted active shooter drills, organized and supervised an off campus drill for students and staff, attended the evening Education Showcase to talk with families about school safety, conducted SAU 53 administration training at ARD, attended School Board meetings to advocate for the schools, offered a variety of professional development to all staff, organized Stop the Bleed training for staff, serves as a member of Emergency and Response Team, helps with school assemblies, and she regularly stops by school to be visible, monitor safety practices, and because she cares deeply for students. Detective Shea has helped to transform safety awareness, training, and Homeland Security compliance and has involved students, staff, parents, community and state resources. What she has done in one year is truly AMAZING!
ARD students report feeling safe at school and that they feel more confident about what to do in an emergency. They have also been empowered to use a variety of resources and skills that Det. Shea has taught them or that she has helped to make available to them.