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Allenstown School Board

The Allenstown School District would like to invite you to meet the Allenstown Elementary Principal finalist candidate, Ginelle Czerula, at 5:00 PM on July 9th at the Allenstown Elementary School Library.  The meet and greet will be before the monthly school board meeting occurring at 6:00 PM.  You will be welcome to stay as the board conducts its regular monthly meeting.

Meet the Board

Our board members are happy to address your questions or concerns.  Feel free to call any member at the phone numbers listed.  If you wish to have an issue presented at a board meeting, please put your concern in writing and send it to the Superintendent’s attention at the SAU office.  The inclusion of items suggested by citizens shall be at the discretion of the chair of the board and in compliance with policy BEDB.


Name/EmailEmail AddressPhoneTerm DatePosition
Kris Raymondkraymond@sau53.org7 Lincoln Street491-82032021Chair
Thomas Irzyk tirzyk@sau53.org344 Deerfield Road485-71542020Exec. Board
Jody Moore jmoore@sau53.org38 Chestnut Drive568-54142021Vice Chair
Crystal Venegascvenegas@sau53.org4 Whitten Drive2019Member
Carl Schaefercschaefer@sau53.org14 Chestnut Drive485-38592020Member

School Secretary Opening

Armand R. Dupont School in Allenstown is looking for an energetic and patient person to become the secretary for a school of 165 students in grades 5-8. The candidate shall be energetic and able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people. Job...