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School Administrative Unit 53

Meet the Executive Board

Our board members are happy to address your questions or concerns.  Feel free to call any member at the phone numbers listed.  If you wish to have an issue presented at a board meeting, please put your concern in writing and send it to the Superintendent’s attention at the SAU office.  The inclusion of items suggested by citizens shall be at the discretion of the chair of the board and in compliance with policy BEDB.

Name/EmailEmailAddressPhoneTerm DatePosition
Mike Wiggettmwiggett@sau53.org167 North Road, Epsom, NH 03234783-63992021Chair
Epsom Board
Patricia Nardone Boucher pboucher@sau53.org344 No. Pembroke Road, Pembroke, NH 03275229-04292020Member
Pembroke Board
Ben Brownbbrown@sau53.org178 Bear Hill Road, Chichester, NH 03258798-41162019Member
Chichester Board
Jim Deelyjdeely@sau53.orgDeerfield, NH 03037463-57372020Member
Deerfield Board