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The Pembroke School Board will be forming a committee to discuss options for the future of the Pembroke Hill School and the Pembroke Village School.  Options to be considered are renovations to the buildings or an addition to Hill School to combine the two schools.

The Board is looking for committee members to fill the following roles:

  • Board member
  • Parents from Hill and Village Schools
  • Teacher from each school (Pembroke residents)
  • Engineer/Architect in the community (or expertise in the field)
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • Planning Board
  • Member of the MBC
  • Community members
  • PR Representative
  • Health Officer

If you are interested, please submit your name, address and phone number to Kathy Sutphen at the SAU Office.  You can email ksutphen@sau53.org or call 485-5187.  Please indicate the roll on the committee you are interested in filling and any related experience you may have.

The Board would like to have this committee established by December 1, 2017.